What to look for when choosing an acupuncturist?

Acupuncture is a well established medical treatment, it has a long history and it has been intensively studied and widely practised. And acupuncture is quickly gaining popularity so there are more and more acupuncturists to choose from. The difficulty most people have is trying to choose the right practitioner for them. Most acupuncturists now have beautifully designed websites with well written information that says all the right things, so how do you see past this to find the best one?

In my opinion you should look for the following attributes to find a good acupuncturist:


I would recommend that you see a practitioner with at least 5 years experience in professional practice so they have had plenty experience in applying what they have learned. It would also be beneficial to go to acupuncturists that have undertaken continuous professional development to keep their knowledge updated.  And look for an acupuncturist that has experience in treating the condition or problem that you are looking to address.

Qualifications and Registration:

Check that your practitioner is registered with one of the main national registers like the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC member), and that they are properly qualified, and have not just attended a short one or two weekend course. Also check if they have done further training in the area they claim they specialise in, such as fertility.

Their care and attention, even before making an appointment:

Call to talk to the acupuncturist or send a email to discuss any uncertainties or concerns about the specific condition or treatment before booking an appointment. You will soon be able to gauge their level of care by the communication and help you receive. Any good acupuncturists will answer any questions you have and you will feel more relaxed and confident if you know what to expect.