“My husband and I had been trying for a baby for nearly 3 years and also had a miscarriage during this time which was very devastating for us both. Eight months after the miscarriage I had still not fallen pregnant and was becoming concerned due to my age. I was also going through a very stressful period at work with pending redundancy and my overall stress levels were not good to say the least.  My GP would not approve any further investigations into fertility at this stage so I decided to take matters into my own hands and began to look at alternative medication/therapies. I mentioned this to a friend and she advised that after a previous miscarriage she had tried acupuncture.  I did some research and decided that this would be worth a try even if it worked purely on bringing my stress levels down which I knew were having an adverse reaction on our efforts to become pregnant.

Before commencing with treatment my husband and I had a consultation with Jian where she took our history and advised the course of treatment she would undertake. The other thing that really impressed us about Jian was the amount of practical information and advice that she gave us which none of our NHS Health providers had advised, we were both very impressed with this. When we began treatment my monthly cycle was very erratic, which we know can be a hindrance in falling pregnant.  After just 4 appointments with Jian my cycle was back to a healthy 28 days and my stress levels seemed to be so much more manageable.  I continued with my weekly sessions with Jian and discovered a couple of weeks after my cycle returned to 28 days that we were pregnant again.  We were delighted…..as was Jian…..who has very much been a part of this journey with us. 

 I continued to see Jian throughout my first trimester as I suffered very bad morning, afternoon and evening sickness and she altered my treatments to suit and I have to admit that the nausea definitely reduced as a result.  My stress levels have also remained low which again is great for me and baby and of course my husband! I will continue to see Jian through my pregnancy and would definitely recommend that anyone having trouble trying to conceive should work with Jian….she is our miracle worker and we are thrilled with what she has done for us!

 S.M. Dunfermline (39 years old)


I have had treatment from Jian Feng for over five years and am very happy indeed with the results.  I initially attended as I had chronic migraines which were not responding to any conventional medicinal treatments.  My migraines have reduced both in strength and regularity.

Although I initially attended for migraine treatment, Jian has covered many other aspects of my health from back pain to smaller niggles, all of them successfully. 

Jian is an interested and thorough practitioner.  She is very calm by nature –  I find her treatments very restful and look forward to them.

Tessa Robson, Lauder



I have received acupuncture from Jian for a variety of ailments over the last year or so. Jian’s calm, quiet approach allowed me to relax fully, to be comfortable and confident and therefore get the most out of the treatment. I always felt that the acupuncture worked with the natural healing of the body to help relieved the discomfort of my symptoms. It also relieved pain and I had no unpleasant side effects whatsoever which was a very welcome bonus!

Kay Hush, Edinburgh



My husband and I tried to conceive for a long time. I was getting upset that I was not able to become pregnant although I monitored my ovulation cycle and made sure we “practised” a lot. I spoke to a friend about it. She told me about another friend who tried for over two years without success. The friend tried acupuncture and became pregnant straight away. As I prefer alternative methods and I wanted to give acupuncture a try as well. I went to see Jian for a few treatments and with my next cycle I was pregnant. I was so happy and couldn’t believe it! I really can recommend acupuncture to anybody who is trying for baby.

I. Harrison , 34 , Fife, 



I had been suffering from pains on neck and shoulders for many years as I had been working continuously on computer. I was kind of living with it but sometimes the problem affected my work and my sleep. I went to my doctor when it was really bad and was sent to see physio-therapy a number of sessions, but I could not say that made much difference.

Although I was not very keen on needles, I went to see Jian who was highly recommended by one of my colleagues. I was surprised that the treatment was actually very relaxing and I felt much better immediately after just one session.  We continued the treatments until the tensions and the pain over my neck and shoulders almost disappeared. Not only my pain was gone but my energy was better and my sleep was improved. I followed Jian’s advice about my posture at desk and have a treatment once every 4 to 6 weeks.

J. W  Edinburgh



As a MS suffer of 8 years with my share of problems, 4 years ago I decided to give acupuncture a try and met Jian. After first treatment, I became hooked and can go for treatments feeling bad and leave feeling the difference.


Gillian Thrope